Cuttin’ a rug and Painting a room

As I’m sitting here watching Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” in our living room and occasionally getting pulled up to cut a rug real quick with my son to my favorite songs, I’m gaining up the energy to paint K’s room.  Since we’ve moved into the new house I have painted our yellow living room and red-checkered wallpaper’d kitchen.  I planned on finishing up our room next, but he literally does not like to spend one moment in his bedroom.  He has not slept one full night in his new toddler bed, which is a huge change from before we moved.  He lay in his bed wide awake and would fall asleep on his own. Wow do I miss those days!

I think it might be because his room is so, what’s the right word for it? – Blah?  Yeah, I think BLAH pretty much sums it up.  I’m hoping that if I make his room a more vibrant place, he’ll begin playing in his room and that (I’m crossing my fingers) will lead to him sleeping in his “big boy” bed again.

I’ve been throwing a few colors around in my mind and looking at lots, and lots, and lots….and lots of blogs, trying to find some inspiration.  I came across this boys bedroom from

The color is called “La Fonda Villa Fountain” by Valspar. It’s a teal that has a small hint of gray in it, which I like.  His room is small and I’ve read that bold colors make a small room look larger, so I’m going to run with that idea and paint K’s room this weekend.  We are hoping that it turns out as fantastic as I picture it in my head.


January 22, 2011. Tags: , . K's Room.

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